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The Weekly Standard pointed out to a clip from the full committee hearing, which took place Wednesday, where Snow was questioned by representatives about the position:
“So, um, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief,” said Rep. Jim Boyd. “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”
“We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician,” said Planned Parenthood lobbyist Snow.
Rep. Daniel Davis then asked Snow, “What happens in a situation where a baby is alive, breathing on a table, moving. What do your physicians do at that point?”
“I do not have that information,” Snow replied. “I am not a physician, I am not an abortion provider. So I do not have that information.”
Rep. Jose Oliva followed up, asking the Planned Parenthood official, “You stated that a baby born alive on a table as a result of a botched abortion that that decision should be left to the doctor and the family. Is that what you’re saying?”
Again, Snow replied, “That decision should be between the patient and the health care provider.”
At one point during questioning, Snow says she’d like to pause and explain where Planned Parenthood’s concerns are with HB 759. It is the “surrender” and “transport” to a hospital wording in the bill, she said. One of the representatives follows up saying, “what objection can you possibly have to obligate a doctor to transport a child alive to a hospital?”
“What about those situations …where it’s in a rural healthcare setting where the hospital is 45 minutes to an hour away?” Snow countered. “There are just some logistical issues involved that we’ve got concerns about.”
On its website, PPA states that the Infants Born Alive bill is “politically motivated and inflammatory language.”

“It inserts politics where it doesn’t belong by implying doctors and women who end a pregnancy can’t be trusted,” PPA states. “Legislation should not be created with the intent of coercing, shaming, or judging a woman or doctor. It is important that abortion remain a safe and legal medical procedure for a woman to consider with her doctor, if and when she needs it.”
The Palm Beach Post has more on the language issues some have with the bill:
Florida already has a vehicular homicide law that holds defendants accountable for the death of a “viable fetus” and other laws making separate crimes against an “unborn quick child.” The proposal would replace the terms “viable fetus” and “unborn quick child” with “unborn child.”

Abortion rights advocates say the change in the language is akin to more controversial “personhood” proposals attempting to elevate the status of a fetus to that of an adult human being. They say the changes are an attempt to establish laws that can be used later to whittle away abortion rights.

“It is intended to enshrine in law a certain perspective of when life begins,” said Jordan Goldberg, Center for Reproductive Rights state advocacy counsel. “It creates a structure in the law that is elevating crimes against everything from a fertilized egg, a zygote, to the same level as a crime against a woman. A law that says it’s two different crimes against two different people is walking down a very dangerous road.”
The bill ultimately was passed by Civil Justice Subcommittee with Committee Substitute Wednesday with 10 in favor and two against, one missed.

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local news affiliate in Idaho reported that the First Daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, are on a Spring Break ski trip in Sun Valley, Idaho. The story quickly spread across the Internet when picked up by the highly trafficked Drudge Report website.

But hours later, the story disappeared from the KMVT website without an update or correction.  Breitbart News confirmed that the White House requested that the post be removed.

In March of last year, the White House requested media outlets to remove accurate reports that Malia Obama was on a trip in Mexico with over two dozen Secret Service agents.
The First Family has been criticized in recent days for taking frequent vacations. Earlier this week, Breitbart News broke the story that the Obama daughters spent part of Spring Break at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  Michelle Obama and the First Daughters took a separate ski trip last month to Aspen, Colorado.  
While each of these trips require a significant Secret Service presence, the White House canceled public tours this month citing Secret Service staffing costs.

UPDATE: The White House has confirmed the report was removed on their request. From Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady:
From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls. 

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Chicago, Los Angeles, New York Prosecuted Fewest Federal Gun Crimes
A new report finds the nation's three largest cities are among the worst in the country at prosecuting federal gun crimes.
The districts that contain Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City ranked last in terms of federal gun law enforcement in 2012, according to a new report from Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, which tracks federal data.

Federal gun crimes include illegal possession of a firearm in a school zone, illegal sale of a firearm to a juvenile, felon, or drug addict, and illegal transport of a firearm across state lines. In Chicago, the majority of gun charges last year were for firearms violations.

The districts of Eastern New York, Central California, and Northern Illinois ranked 88th, 89th and 90th, respectively, out of 90 districts, in prosecutions of federal weapons crimes per capita last year, but it wasn't always this way. All three districts fell lower on the list than they had been in years past. In 2010, for example, Chicago was 78th in federal weapons prosecutions.
Federal weapons prosecutions per capita in 2012 by state. (TRAC/Syracuse University)
These cities also have some of the nation's most restrictive gun laws, as well as the most active mayors in championing gun control. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are all members of the national Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign.
D.C., which also has tough gun laws, was in the lower half of the list in 2012, coming in at 78th. In 2011, D.C. prosecuted a higher number of gun crimes, coming in at number 49.


National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre first pointed to the report on Meet the Press Sunday, when he demanded to know why the national press corps wasn't asking the White House or U.S. attorneys general to explain lax federal enforcement of gun laws.
His comment didn't sit well with gun control activists, including the group Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America. "It's like, 'don't look at us, look at gun enforcement'," says the group's founder Shannon Watts. "But the NRA works to block gun prosecutions all the time."
Requests for comment from the U.S. Attorney's offices in New York and California were not immediately returned. But the U.S. attorney's office in the Northern District of Illinois maintains that federal weapons law enforcement is among the top priorities of their office. "We have a number of different methods of attacking gangs, guns, drugs and violent crime," says spokesman Randall Sanborn, who notes that many gun arrests are reviewed to determine whether the arrest should stay with the county or be brought to the federal level. "We look at which court the defendant is likely to get a substantially greater sentence... More cases that used to be brought federally are now staying in state courts because [they are] now able to get a sentence equally great or greater," he says.
The TRAC report notes that many more gun arrests happen at the state and local level than happen at the federal level, and that it's difficult to assess how many prosecutions happen overall.
While the districts that ranked lowest last year for federal gun crime prosecutions all contained major cities, the districts at the top of the list for its enforcement were almost exclusively rural. The districts of Southern Alaska, Kansas and Western Tennessee ranked first, second and third in prosecutions of federal weapons laws per capita last year.
Susan Long, a statistician and co-director of TRAC, said the data revealed a stronger federal enforcement presence in rural areas than urban ones. "If taxpayers of [a certain area] don't pass strong gun control measures ... the feds pick up the ball," she said. "But now we've got sequestration cutting back on all these resources."
The U.S. court system has said that sequestration will have a major impact on the federal judiciary, including the furlough of some court employees, cuts to the federal defenders' office and fewer probation officers for criminal offenders.

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Chinese solar panel giant Suntech declared bankruptcy last week after it missed a $541 million payment to bondholders. 

Suntech, once the world’s largest solar panel maker, previously received a $2.1 million tax credit from the Obama Administration to open a plant in Arizona. Now, the plant is closing and its 43 jobs are being terminated.
“Suntech's problem was the same problem facing the whole industry: Materials costs are going up, and solar panel prices are going down,” writes Tim Carney. “The diagnosis is easy: overproduction. The cause is obvious: oversubsidization.”
Beyond the Obama Administration’s $2.1 million tax credit, Suntech received a $1.5 million Arizona tax credit, along with another $500,000 from the city of Goodyear, AZ for job training.
According to the Wall Street Journal, China’s State Council plans to stop subsidizing unprofitable domestic solar panel companies and “indicated it would bar local governments from supporting struggling companies and allow the market to determine who survives.”
During his 2013 State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama said, “As long as countries like China keep going all in on clean energy, so must we.”
Whether Suntech’s demise will change Obama’s view remains to be seen.
“Maybe Suntech's collapse will cure Obama of his China envy,” says Carney, “and he will realize the solar race isn't worth the entry fee.”

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(NaturalNews) In the midst of the big debate about "background checks," I thought it important to weigh in on the issue and profess my full and total support for background checks... for members of Congress. We need to know who these people are, how they all seem to collect so much financial wealth while "serving the public," and whether they have any history of violating their sworn oaths of office to the Constitution.

We also need deep background checks on the entire Obama administration, including Obama himself whose background seems clouded in questionable documents and hidden records. And if the federal government is going to say the People of America are criminals if they smoke marijuana, then it only makes sense to call for full drug tests for the entire Obama administration. After all, if they have nothing to hide, why not submit to such tests? (See how that logic works?)

While we're at it, we should probably also test every Senator and Supreme Court justice for mind-altering pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy drugs which cause "chemo brain." We can't have Supreme Court justices sitting on the bench, making brain-damaged decisions because they're in the middle of a toxic chemo treatment. (And yes, chemotherapy really does cause brain damage.)

Psych drugs are yet another issue. How many members of Congress are on suicide-promoting antidepressant drugs? Shouldn't this disqualify them from voting on legislation because they are no longer of sound mind?

How many members of Congress are on statin drugs? Blood pressure medications? Or just badly in need of a colon cleanse or a liver flush?

While the federal government says that the People can't be trusted with anything -- and especially not firearms -- the far more sobering truth is that we the People have no real basis to trust those running the government! They might be sociopaths, power freaks, medication heads or substance addicts.

Why should we trust DHS with 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition when they refuse to even acknowledge that these bullets exist? Why should we trust the TSA to reach down our pants at the airport? Why should we trust Eric Holder to dish out "justice" when he's the guy masterminding the running of guns across the border to Mexico? Why should we trust Ben Bernanke when he's a serial counterfeiter?

I'll trust a Texas farmer with a rifle far more than I'll trust a Senator with an agenda to destroy the Constitution. And if we're going to talk about background checks, let's make 'em count where they are needed the most: checking out the backgrounds of the bureaucrats running the government.


This is getting to be like a bad movie. 

You know the ones - where the villain, dead and buried more times than you can count, somehow mysteriously reappears in a place you don't expect him? 

Well, here comes. . . a new fight over a biometric National ID card - and if you don't have the card, you can't work

Right now, freedom-stealing statists Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), banding together with members of both parties, are scheming to sneak a massive power grab into a new "immigration reform" bill. 

This bill is a statist's dream - a biometric ID card for every American. 

In fact, when asked recently if he favored "a super Social Security card that would have some sort of biometric thing like a fingerprint," John McCain said, "I'm for it"!  

That's why it's vital you sign your "No National ID" petition to C4L to make your voice heard on this issue IMMEDIATELY

I'll give you the link in a moment, but first let me explain exactly what's at stake. 

If passed, this dangerous scheme would require a new National ID card that would:
*** Include biometric identification information, such as fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, which could easily be used as a tracking device;
*** Be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, making it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn't obtain the ID card;
*** Require all employers to purchase an "ID scanner" to verify the ID cards with the federal government. Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government would know - and you can bet it's only a matter of time until "ID scans" will be required to make even routine purchases, as well.
That's why it's vital you sign your "No National ID" petition to C4L right away

National ID

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It’s Obamacare’s third anniversary. Though many key parts of Obamacare - including some of its tax hikes and mandates - don’t go into effect until next year, Americans are feeling many of its changes already.

Please share these impacts to mark three years of this bureaucratic nightmare.

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Read the Morning Bell and more en español every day atHeritage Libertad.


ObamaCare backlash

It’s worth remembering that President Obama decided not to let his new ObamaCare scheme take effect until 2014. At the time of its passage in 2010, it seemed politically wise to delay its implementation. Republicans won the election of 2010 and lost that of 2012. But the full impact of the new law will begin to become apparent in 2014 and the effect will be horrific, deeply damaging the Obama administration and the Democrats who backed it.
The main brunt of the impact will be on premiums for health insurance coverage. They will skyrocket in very short order. The Heritage Foundation estimates the increases by state. Here’s a sample:

State                  Premiums rise by
California            42-69 percent
Florida                 61 percent
Georgia                61-100 percent
Illinois                 61 percent
Michigan             35-63 percent
New Jersey          39 percent
North Carolina   61 percent
Ohio                     55-106 percent
Pennsylvania      39 percent
Texas                   35-63 percent
Virginia               75-82 percent

Why such draconian increases? Heritage ascribes it to two provisions of the new law.
The first restricts health insurers from charging any one age group more than three times the premium it charges any other one. This 3-1 ratio — typically between the older, non-Medicare portion of the covered population and the young group — is the brain child of the social planners. The actual figure is about 5-1 — it costs about five times as much to insure older patients than younger ones. Because, obviously, companies are not going to cut the premiums for the older patients, they will increase them for the younger ones so they can meet the 3-1 ratio. That means big increases for younger families.

The second provision that pushes up premiums is the tendency of the new law to kill its customers with kindness by requiring all manner of illnesses and treatments to be covered, and covered generously. Mental health, dental care and such are all required in any policy. And the law restricts any effort by insurance companies to limit the utilization of these services. So the premiums will rise for everybody.
The result of this premium inflation will be that more and more employers will refuse to continue to cover their workers and will find it far cheaper to pay the penalties in the law than to underwrite the vastly more expensive policies. Tens of millions of Americans will lose their insurance and have to buy coverage from the insurance exchanges Obama is creating — at a multiple of their current premium’s cost. The ObamaCare subsidies are limited and will not begin to make up for the increased costs. And, to make matters worse, employers will be obliged to pay an annual $65 tax per employee to subsidize catastrophic coverage for the most expensive patients.
Obama’s real goal, of course, is to destroy employment-related insurance and force everyone into the insurance exchanges. This will lay the basis for single-payer, government-funded, socialized medicine in the United States: his stated goal.
The political consequences of these premium increases are going to be horrific. Voters will realize how fraudulent Obama was in predicting average premium cuts of $2,500 per family. And the full dimensions of this misguided law will become apparent.
The result will be a gradual and continuing erosion of Obama’s favorability until he gets his clock cleaned in the 2014 election. Normally, of course, sixth year-elections are a total wipeout for the incumbent party. FDR lost a hundred seats in the House in 1938. Truman lost control of Congress in 1946. 

Eisenhower lost more than a dozen Senate seats in 1958. Nixon/Ford suffered massive losses in 1974. Reagan lost the Senate in 1988, as did Bush in 2006. Only Clinton, with Republicans self-destructing over impeachment, avoided severe losses. Obama will fall victim to the general trend, but his losses will increase as the economy fails to recover and health insurance becomes unaffordable.


World’s smallest blood monitoring implant tells your smartphone when you’re about to have a heart attack

A team of scientists at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have developed the world’s smallest medical implant to monitor critical chemicals in the blood. The 14mm device measures up to five indicators, including proteins like troponin, that show if and when a heart attack has occurred. Using Bluetooth, the device can then transmit the data to a smartphone for tracking. The device can also track levels of glucose, lactate, and ATP, providing valuable data for physiologic monitoring during activity, or in possible disease conditions like diabetes. As far as tricorders go, this device may be the one you have been waiting for, provided you are on board for the implant.
Outside the body, a battery patch provides the 100 milliwatts of power that the device requires by wireless inductive charging through the skin.(See: How wireless charging works.) Each sensor is coated with an enzyme that reacts with blood-borne chemicals to generate a detectable signal. For patient monitoring, a device like this would quickly become indispensable once introduced. In cancer treatment for example, exact dosing is critical. Numerous blood tests are often required to calibrate the treatment according the to the patient’s particular ability to break down and excrete the drug. Often these parameters change when the disease, or the therapy, directly affects the organs involved in these processes — typically this would mean the liver and the kidneys.
Often in the hours before a heart attack, fatigued or oxygen-starved muscle begins to break down, and fragments of a heart-specific smooth muscle protein, the troponin mentioned above, are dumped into the blood. If this can be detected before disruption of the heart rhythm, or the actual attack, lifesaving preemptive treatment can be initiated sooner. To be fail-safe, this depends on the patient having access to their data. Dependence on the integrity of multiple weak links to the cloud, to the doctor, and back again — as is often the prescribed future care scenario — are unacceptable, particularly when heart attacks might be counted on to occur precisely at those times when those links may not be there. Assuming the battles for patient rights will be won sooner rather than later, the next important choice would be getting the proper ringtone when that fateful troponin call comes. A standard ringtone with universal appeal would let bystanders know what was going on and assistance could, at least in theory, be had.
At the moment the device has a limited number of sensors, but there is no theoretical ceiling on this. Nor is there a limit to the kinds of enzymatic reactions or other detectors that could be used with those sensor channels. In the muscle breakdown scenario, for example, multiple products are in fact continuously generated in a tissue-specific manner which can give valuable information to athletes, and weekend enthusiasts alike. Ions and respiratory gases in the blood at different body locations can also be mapped. When coupled with powerful analysis packages, a device like this could help make the patient the customer once again. For now, the device is limited to the lifetime of the enzymes — typically after a month or two they can be considered expired. For all the patent trolls out there, this may be a good time to pen your imaginary device that includes provisions for rapid, and hopefully painless, deimplantation.
As a final note, it should be observed that the EPFL device is not the only one on the horizon. Tricorder-style blood scanners are just beginning to gain a foothold in the medical community. A new $100 million research fund has just been announced by Blackberry mastermind Mike Lazaridis. The new fund is called Quantum Valley Investments, and is emphasizing all things quantum. Based at the Lazaridis Quantum-Nanoheadquarters in Ontario, the focus will also include quantum sensors, quantum computing, and perhaps one new tantalization for our collective tricorder imagination — acoustic cell sorting.

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Just the fact that the doctors surveyed were selected from the AMA's list tells you something. The AMA is a minority of the physicians in the country and they also are the group that supports the Affordable Care Act more than any other. So, from that we can conclude that of the most supportive group of physicians for the ACA, this is how they feel. Imagine how much worse this study would have been had they taken a survey of the majority of physicians in the country.

More Docs Plan to Retire Early

Six in 10 physicians said it is likely many of their colleagues will retire earlier than planned in the next 1 to 3 years.

THURSDAY, March 21, 2013 (MedPage Today) — Most physicians have a pessimistic outlook on the future of medicine, citing eroding autonomy and falling income, a survey of more than 600 doctors found.
Six in 10 physicians (62 percent) said it is likely many of their colleagues will retire earlier than planned in the next 1 to 3 years, a survey from Deloitte Center for Health Solutions found. That perception is uniform across age, gender, and specialty, it said.
Another 55 percent of surveyed doctors believe others will scale back hours because of the way medicine is changing, but the survey didn't elaborate greatly on how it was changing. Three-quarters think the best and brightest may not consider a career in medicine, although that is an increase from the 2011 survey result of 69 percent.
"Physicians recognize 'the new normal' will necessitate major changes in the profession that require them to practice in different settings as part of a larger organization that uses technologies and team-based models for consumer (patient) care," the survey's findings stated.
About two-thirds of the survey responders said they believe physicians and hospitals will become more integrated in coming years. In the last 2 years, 31 percent moved into a larger practice, results found. Nearly eight in 10 believe midlevel providers will play a larger role in directing primary care.
Four in 10 doctors reported their take-home pay decreased from 2011 to 2012, and more than half said the pay cut was 10 percent or less, according to Deloitte. Among physicians reporting a pay cut, four in 10 blame the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and 48 percent of all doctors believed their income would drop again in 2012 as a result of the health reform law.
Other findings:
  • 26 percent believe Medicare's sustainable growth rate formula will be repealed in the next 1 to 3 years
  • One in 10 believe medical liability reform will pass Congress in the next 1 to 3 years
  • A quarter of physicians would place new or additional limits on accepting Medicare patients if there were payment changes
  • 55 percent of physicians believe the hospital-doctor relationship will suffer as admitting privileges are put at risk to comply with hospital standards of meaningful use
  • 31 percent gave the U.S. healthcare system a favorable grade of "A or B" compared with 35 percent in 2011
Despite those pessimistic views, seven of 10 said they were satisfied about practicing medicine, although that number was lower for primary care providers and higher for younger age groups, the survey found. Dissatisfaction was attributed toward less time with patients, long hours, and dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, and government regulations.
Speaking of the ACA, fewer physicians (38 percent in 2012) believe the ACA is a step in the wrong direction compared with 44 percent in 2011. The number who think the law is a good place to start remained the same.
Two-thirds of physicians in the Deloitte survey say they use an electronic health record (EHR) that meets meaningful use stage 1 requirements, but that number has been lower in other surveys. Three in 5 respondents were satisfied with their EHR.
Deloitte mailed the survey to more than 20,000 physicians selected from the American Medical Association's master file. Just 613 returned completed surveys, giving a margin of error of 3.9 percent at the 0.95 confidence level.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Take it to the bank: Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to raise minimum wage to $22 per hour … it's always refreshing to hear from another "pinhead" … how many payrolls has this bimbo ever had to make?  

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, suggested raising the minimum wage to $22 per hour is only logical if you look at the numbers.

“If we started in 1960, and we said [that] as productivity goes up … then the minimum wage was going to go up the same … if that were the case, the minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour,” the senator said, at a recent Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on “Keeping up with a Changing Economy: Indexing the Minimum Wage.”  Well let's look at "Indexing the Senate's salary based on productivity".  They (senate) haven't produced a budget in over 4 years and are violating they law. The list is long and the song goes on …  it's the old story … NOT IN MY BACKYARD.

One of the panelists, Dr. Arindrajit Dube, an assistant professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, said by that logic — by going back even further in time — the minimum wage could rightly be $33 per hour.

Ms. Warren then suggested that those who say increasing the minimum wage to reflect current indexes are using flawed math. Raising the minimum wage by several dollars an hour is doable, she said.

“During my Senate campaign, I [frequently] ate a Number 11 at McDonald’s. It cost $7.19,” she said. “If we raised the minimum wage to $10.10 over three years, the price increase on that item would be to about $7.23. Are you telling me that’s unsustainable?”

The $10 amount has been touted by several Democrats over the past weeks, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.



TSA agents 'humiliated' wounded Marine with aggressive inspection

Transportation Security Administration inspectors forced a wounded Marine who lost both of his legs in an IED blast and who was in a wheelchair to remove his prosthetic legs at one point, and at another point to stand painfully on his legs while his wheelchair was examined, according to a complaint a congressman has registered with the TSA.

Rep. Duncan Hunter said in his letter Monday that the Marine, who is still on active duty and showed TSA agents his military identification, was still forced to undergo that scrutiny.

“A TSA office asked the Marine to stand and walk to an alternate area, despite the fact that he physically could not stand or walk on his own. With numerous TSA officers sitting and unwilling to assist, an officer then made him remove his legs, then put them back on, only to advance to a secondary screening location where he was asked again to stand, with extraordinary difficult, while his wheelchair was examined for explosives,” Mr. Hunter said.

He also said TSA officers initially directed the Marine to the wrong line, then made him move lines but made no effort to help him. The incident occurred at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport last week, as a group of Marines was returning to San Diego.

Mr. Hunter included two photos of the inspection in his letter that appear to show a TSA agent patting down the Marine’s arm and examining the prosthetic leg.

The congressman asked TSA to detail its procedures to inspecting wounded U.S. troops at airports, and to consider whether agents should show “situational awareness.”

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You can tell when all the politicians are going to lie, the lips start moving and the room they are in immediately become a compost pile.