Thursday, June 27, 2013


Twitter and social media has been abuzz over the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, a close friend of Trayvon Martin who was on the phone with the Florida teen just moments before his death.

Jeantel testified that she heard Martin yell "Get off! Get off!" right before his phone went dead (ARE YOU SURE IT WAS HIS PHONE?).  She added that Martin repeatedly told her he was being followed, at one time describing the man pursuing him as a "creepy ass cracker."

At Wednesday's proceeding, Jeantel sparred with Zimmerman's lawyer, Don West, who pointed out what he said were inconsistencies between statements she gave to his team and a statement she had previously given to lawyers for Martin's family. The teen admitted to lying about her age when initially contacted by lawyers for Martin's family about giving a deposition. She had claimed at the time to be 16 in order to shield herself from offering testimony, according to the New York Times.

She also admitted to lying about her reason for not attending Martin's wake, the Times reported.. She told West that she did not miss Martin's wake because she was in the hospital, like she first said, but rather because she could not stand to see his body. Jeantel said she did not call police immediately after learning about Martin's death because she believed they would contact her, as she said was typical on the show "The First 48."

While prosecutors allege that Sanford, Fla., neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman instigated an altercation with Martin and shot him dead on February 26, 2012, Zimmerman's defense team alleges that the 29-year-old acted in self-defense after Martin jumped him and slammed his head into the sidewalk.

What we know about Jeantel (the mensa from Sanford, FL)
  • She is 19, according to the Times.
  • According to her Facebook page, she went to Miami Norland Senior High School
  • She also said she attended Miami University of Ohio and studied criminal justice there, according to her Facebook page. An official at the registrar's officer there told MSN News that no student named Rachel Jeantel recently attended the university. (Ops!)  The registrars office at the University of Miami in Florida would not disclose school records over the phone.
  • On Facebook, Jeantel posted pictures of her new manicure, which she called her "court nails."
  • Jeantel allegedly scrubbed her Twitter account of tweets and pictures related to smoking and drinking yesterday afternoon, the Smoking Gun reported.
  • "Party time lets get high," she reportedly tweeted on February 24.
  • On June 21, Jeantel reportedly wrote, "16 months later wowww [sic] I need a drink."
The internet's take on Jeantel's testimony
  • "Rachel is the prosecution's key witness, but I am going to call her the misunderstood witness. She holds vital information that both the defense and prosecution need, but these middle-aged white men questioning her do not get it," Rachel Samara wrote for Global Grind.
  • "Jeantel is a horrible witness; she's been lying ever since the shooting took place and I wouldn't be surprised if she's lying in court," Charles J. Orth wrote on Twitter.
  • "In re: Rachel Jeantel, I was once a witness in a mock trial for my wife's law school class. I was a babbling panicked fool under cross," MSNBC host Christopher Hayes tweeted.