Thursday, August 1, 2013


Meaningless” – that’s what President Obama called ongoing efforts to delay and dismantle his disaster of a health care law, even though …

… he already signed seven bills repealing or defunding parts of it:

Speaker Boehner reminded reporters today that the president himself “signed seven changes to ObamaCare into law” that were passed by the House. Those seven bills repealed the paperwork mandate and the unsustainable CLASS program, cut slush funds, and more – and all passed with bipartisan support. See thee bills here and watch Speaker Boehner here.

… it’s driving up health care costs:

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows “young and healthy Americans will see their premiums soar” under the president’s health care law, says the Washington Examiner. And analysis compiled by the Energy & Commerce Committee found everyone is in for a big “rate shock.” In Ohio, an average person buying individual coverage will pay $200 more every month than they do now.

… it’s threatening jobs and paychecks:

The Washington Post says, “a number of private businesses cut worker hours this year because of the health-care law.” Ohio-based “White Castle is considering hiring only part-time workers,” reports Huffington Post. WBIR says a Tennessee school district is being forced “to cut hours and insurance for some employees.” And the list goes on.

… he admitted it’s unworkable:

President Obama admitted the health care law is unworkable when he decided to exempt big businesses from its mandates for one year. The only problem? He doesn’t want to give families and individuals the same relief. Despite a veto threat, dozens of Democrats voted with Republicans to provide fairness for all by delaying both the individual mandate and the employer mandate.

… the American people don’t like it:

“Obamacare is now more unpopular than at any time since the Democrats passed it into law (without a single Republican vote) more than three years ago,” says the Weekly Standard. A CBS News survey found that “a majority of Americans - 54 percent - disapprove of the health care law.” Even moderate Democrats have turned against it.

… the IRS runs it:

Yeah, the same IRS that “singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny” and left other taxpayers wondering “whether they are under the IRS’ magnifying glass for their beliefs.” As Majority Leader Cantor said, the House is going to vote next week get the IRS out of ObamaCare.

… even Democrats know it’s a disaster:

Dozens of Democrats voted for these bills too because they know the law’s a train wreck. Republicans are going to keep doing “everything we can to make sure this doesn’t really go into effect,” said Speaker Boehner. And we hope Democrats keep working with us to do so, no matter how “meaningless” the president deems these efforts to protect jobs, lower costs, and provide fairness for all Americans.- See more at:

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