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U.S. ready to hit the personal wealth Putin 
As expected, the Russian leader has $40 billion in Swiss banks

U.S. "ready to strike at the personal as Russian President Vladimir Putin," says the British newspaper The Times ."Warning that against the top echelon of the Kremlin to develop new sanctions was one of the primary assets of the Foreign Minister of the United States, John Kerry in yesterday's talks in Geneva."

U.S. "ready to play a very personal card against President Putin, if he decides to send troops to eastern Ukraine - passes edition. - As expected, the Russian leader has 40 billion dollars in Swiss banks, which can be frozen." 

"Sources in the intelligence agencies of the West suggest that Putin's personal wealth accumulated through solid fractions of shares in Russian energy companies, are securely stored on the accounts in Switzerland" - the newspaper said.
The Times states that "the U.S. Treasury may impose sanctions only against funds deposited with the American banking institutions, however, the people who are trying to transfer their assets elsewhere to avoid sanctions usually do it in dollars. As a result, the transfer should go through American banks , the Finance Ministry that gives legal right to block the funds, even if the foreign bank refuses to cooperate. "

If the bank accounts opened under a different name, "it will require us to correct ownership information that is not the real owner," said a source in the Ministry of Finance. "The U.S. is expected that foreign banks in Geneva will cooperate" - the newspaper writes.

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April 8, 2014, 16:19
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