Thursday, June 9, 2016


Open Borders – Weapon of Cultural Destruction ... What's the purpose of a flag and military?
By Rick Oltman, February 25, 2016

American cultural destabilization is assured with open borders. Cultural chaos is a primary result of immigration chaos and immigration anarchy. And open borders is being used as a Weapon of Cultural Destruction (WCD) against America. We are also seeing the same effect in Europe.

This WCD has been used against America for years.

Cultural destruction is hardly acknowledged as a result of open borders and non-enforcement of our immigration laws. But, it is being felt more and more by citizens as the inevitable result of flooding our country with millions of people a year from other cultures, many of them not sharing the customs, or language for that matter, of our American culture.

Not every supporter of the massive influx wants to see American culture destroyed or changed, of course. The shibboleth that “Republicans want cheap labor and Democrats want new voters” has never been entirely accurate and has never told the real story of the motivations behind open borders. But, selfishness and shortsightedness are part of it. 

Yes, cheap labor is always a motivation, but one supported by all the political elites, regardless of party.
Yes, Democrats benefit from the influx of poor people who, when they vote, vote for promised big government giveaways. The State of New York is currently considering legislation that would allow voting by the estimated 1.3 million noncitizen residents in New York City.
The number one motivation for non-enforcement is continuing the influx of new customers to replace the aging post World War II Baby Boomer consumers who are leaving the economy at the rate of 3,660,000 per year. The key demographic consumer group consists of adults between 18 and 54. The last of the Baby Boomers, born in 1964, leave the economy in 2018.

Churches – particularly, but not limited to the Catholic Church, also look to reap a harvest of new customers aka parishioners.

However, the other, non-spoken motivation for allowing the massive influx is to weaken American culture, thereby weakening America. Massive immigration is a Weapon of Cultural Destruction.

Not choosing who we invite in, but simply throwing the doors open to the whole world, is resulting in a cultural mutation that will never be overcome, will never be healed and will not only change and weaken America, but will have disastrous consequences worldwide.

There exists a contempt for America, first described by Jeane Kirkpatrick in 1984 as the “Blame America First Crowd.” Those who want to blame America, rightly or wrongly, for the ills of the world rejoice at the cultural chaos that is resulting in our country from unabated migration from all over the world.

It can be stopped. Some of the damage repaired. Goals can be set for assimilation that can lead to increased cultural unity.

During the coming year’s election campaign, citizens need to speak out loudly and often about their desire for immigration law enforcement and support for cultural unifiers like Official English.
Those who seek power and seek the public’s support to attain that power need to hear public opinion about immigration policy. It won’t ever get into the details of cultural unity or cultural survival, but the effect can be the same … to stop the Weapon of Cultural Destruction, immigration anarchy, we have been bombarded with for at least two and a half decades.