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Behind Alicia Machado, the Hillary Clinton campaigner 'fat-shamed' by Donald Trump | Daily Mail Online

Less than 48 hours after she became a household name as Hillary Clinton's newest high-profile backer, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado's life has begun to unravel into a tangle of sex and violence that could give Clintonworld second thoughts about putting her under the spotlight.
Machado added an extended 15 minutes to her fame by claiming Donald Trump ridiculed her in 1996 – calling her 'Miss Piggy' and an 'eating machine' – after he bought the Miss Universe franchise and she added more than 40 pounds to her beauty queen frame as the title-holder.

But focus has snapped back to Machado's own past, including a 2006 Mexican Playboy photo shoot that made her the only Miss Universe winner to pose in the buff, and a stint on a Spanish reality TV show where she was shown having sex on camera – while engaged to a Major League Baseball player.

More troubling is the story emerging about the paternity of Machado's daughter Dinorah, born in 2008.

Univision reported in 2010 that Gerardo Álvarez-Vázquez, a drug kingpin linked to the infamous Sinaloa cartel, fathered the child. 

QUICK: WHICH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE DOES SHE SUPPORT? Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado has a new 15 minutes of fame as a Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate after accusing Donald Trump of mocking her weight gain as a beauty queen 20 years ago

BABY-DADDY? Machado's 8-year-old daughter was fathered by drug-trafficking kingpin Gerardo Álvarez-Vázquez – a criminal with a $2 millin bounty on his head in California – according to Mexican news reports that she only disputed after his 2010 arrest

ROLE MODEL: Machado had sex in front of the cameras – and moaned about Spanish TV host Fernando Acaso's 'pinga' – during a 2005 episode of 'La Granja'

And the police informant who first testified about the pair's relationship was executed gangland-style in a Mexico City cafe months later in broad daylight.

Álvarez-Vázquez, nicknamed 'El Indio' or 'El Chayán,' was arrested in April of that year and charged with running the Beltrán-Leyva narco-trafficking cartel, a Sinaloa affiliate.
The U.S. government at the time considered him a fugitive, and offered a $2 million reward for his capture.
He was 'responsible for facilitating communications between [cartel] hierarchy and Central and South American sources of supply for cocaine,' the State Department writes.

'Álvarez-Vázquez was also believed to be responsible for overseeing the ... narcotics-related activities in multiple cities of Mexico and to be actively involved in major bulk crystal methamphetamine procurements. He coordinated the movement of illegal narcotics into the United States and overs[aw] the repatriation of narcotics-related proceeds.'
The Mexico City newspaper El Universal reported in 2010 that Vázquez had faced drug trafficking charges in California going back to 2007 – the year Machado became pregnant.

Court hearing: Alicia Machado leaves court with her lawyer Ricardo Koesling (left) in Caracas after denying that she was involved in the attempted murder of her boyfriend's brother-in-law at the funeral for her boyfriend's sister, who jumped to her death while eight months pregnant

'I'M NOT A SAINT GIRL': Tuesday on CNN, Machado didn't push back against reports that she threatened to kill a Venezuelan judge after he charged her boyfriend with an attempted murder in a hit-job for which she allegedly served as getaway driver

SNARK: Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway mocked Machado for not denying being involved with the murder plot

Former Miss Universe talks about being treated badly by Trump

Reforma, another Mexico City newspaper, cited a police report on Vázquez's arrest, reporting that he and four other drug lords attended Dinorah's 2008 baptism.

They included cartel 'chiefs' Arturo and Héctor Beltrán, top lieutenant Edgar Valdés Villarreal and Colombian drug trafficker Harold Mauricio Ojeda.

Vázquez's role in the drug cartel was to drum up business with other criminal gangs in Central and South America, Univision reported. He was also a reputed 'sicario' – a hitman.

The police shootout that resulted in his capture killed two other sicarios and resulted in the arrests of 18 more.

Machado issued a stinging denial – after Vázquez's arrest – telling People in Spanish that she 'did not have any relationship... with Mr. Jose Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez known by the nickname of "the Indian".'
She said her daughter's father was 'a very respectable businessman' named Rafael Hernandez Linares.'

But in the same statement Machado also claimed the story of drug lords attending her daughter's christening could not be true because Dinorah had never been baptized – a highly unusual omission in 81-percent Catholic Mexico.

SEXCAPADES: Machado has posed for Mexican Playboy and appeared in a Spanish reality TV show having sex on camera, putting her outside the bounds of a traditional spokesperson for America's would-be first female president

FROM FAT TO FIT: In this 2006 cover shot, Machado showed no sign of the 40-odd pounds she added to her 118-pound frame after winning the Miss Universe crown, the source of her tension with the pageant-owning Trump a decade earlier

Machado had already drawn unwanted attention, and compromised Clinton's deployment of her as a campaign surrogate, when republished news reports from 1998 describing her alleged involvement in an attempted murder in her native Venezuela.

Venezuelan judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor in 1998 publicly accused her of threatening to kill him for charging her then-boyfriend Juan Rodriguez Reggeti with attempted murder in a case where she was accused of being the getaway driver.

Machado insisted she wasn't present at the funeral where shots rang out, offering two separate alibis. At first she claimed she was acting on the set of a TV show at the time, and later she said she was home sick.

Tuesday night on CNN, anchor Anderson Cooper asked her about the episode.

'The judge in the case also said you had threatened to kill him after he indicted your boyfriend for the attempted murder.' Cooper said. 'I just want to give you a chance to address these reports.'

'He can say whatever he wants to say. I don't care,' Machado said, referring to Trump as she waved her hand in defiance.

'You know, I have my past. Of course. Everybody has. Everybody has a past. And I'm not a saint girl. But that is not the point now.'

Machado in the same breath called the accusation 'wrong' and said it 'happened' decades earlier.

'That moment in Venezuela was wrong, was another speculation about my life, because I'm a really famous person in my country, because I'm an actress there, and in Mexico too,' she said.

'And he can use whatever he wants to use. The point is, that happened 20 years ago.'

Machado herself returned from obscurity to fame on the strength of complaints about something Trump said to her more than 20 years ago.

CRINGE: Machado's sex scene in the reality-show fun house was relived frame by frame complete with mortified squirming, and her fiancé Bobby Abreu later called off their engagement

Trump on Alicia Machado in 1997: 'She's really terrific'

She accused him of calling her 'Miss Piggy' and organizing a media frenzy to watch her exercise as an alternative to removing her Miss Universe crown – a title that required her contractually to remain a certain size.

The Clinton campaign has seized on the episode and leveraged Machado in a series of media interviews to paint Trump as a sexist, appealing to female voters who she needs to back her in November.

It's unclear whether her image will be helped or harmed by Machado's 2006 Playboy cover shoot, or by her romping beneath the sheets with a co-star in a Spanish reality TV show modeled after 'Big Brother.'

In the 2005 episode of 'La Granja,' she had sex in front of the cameras with Spanish TV host Fernando Acaso.

Machado was engaged to New York Mets right fielder Bobby Abreu at the time. The Venezuelan-born major-leaguer called off the wedding after clips of the show appeared online.

The broadcast showed Acaso on top of her, with Machado whispering in Spanish about his manhood.

'Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine,' she moans while they go at it.
Later during the broadcast replay, the show's host read aloud what Machado had written about the man.
'Really, that guy is cute, he loves me, he understands me, he accepts me, he protects me, he supports me, he respects me,' read her testimonial.
'He treats me like a goddess, he f***s me like a b****!'

'MISS PIGGY': After Machado put on weight as Miss Universe, new pageant owner Donald Trump invited reporters to watch her work out – encouraging her to stay the course and avoid losing her title. Machado said this week that the process was insulting and claimed Trump called her 'Miss Piggy'

Machado told Univision when she returned to Miami that 'I felt fine as a person, as a human being,'

'It was a very strong experience, very difficult in all senses, and I feel very happy with the events in Spain. I had people's support once more and I gained respect for what I am as a person and that was the purpose.'

'When you do a reality show, it's just that – a show of reality,' she said of her sexcapades.

Five years later, Machado was in the news again for a verbal gaffe that drew such angry responses that she shut down her Twitter account.

Concerned by North Korea's artillery attack on a South Korean island, the beauty queen winner let her lack of geographic knowledge show while pleading for world peace.

'Tonight I want to ask you to join me in a prayer for peace, that these attacks between the Chinas do not make our situation worse,' she tweeted.

Facing a vicious backlash, she signed off before shuttering the account. 'I now have a lot of psychopaths on the account and it's best I start another one, kisses.'