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Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry To The United States
The Executive Order signed on January 27, 2017 allows for the proper review and establishment of standards to prevent terrorist or criminal infiltration by foreign nationals. The United States has the world’s most generous immigration system, yet it has been repeatedly exploited by terrorists and other malicious actors who seek to do us harm. In order to ensure that the United States government can conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the national security risks posed from our immigration system, it imposes a 90-day suspension on entry to the United States of nationals of certain designated countries—countries that were designated by Congress and the Obama Administration as posing national security risks in the Visa Waiver Program.

In order to protect Americans, and to advance the national interest, the United States must ensure that those entering this country will not harm the American people subsequent to their entry, and that they do not bear n\malicious intent toward the United States and its people. The Executive Order protects the United States from countries compromised by terrorism and ensures a more rigorous vetting process. This Executive Order ensures that we have a functional immigration system that safeguards our national security.

This Executive Order, as well as the two issued earlier in the week, provide the Department with additional resources, tools and personnel to carry out the critical work of securing our borders, enforcing the immigration laws of our nation, and ensuring that individuals who pose a threat to national security or public safety cannot enter or remain in our country. Protecting the American people is the highest priority of our government and this Department.

The Department of Homeland Security will faithfully execute the immigration laws and the President’s Executive Order, and we will treat all of those we encounter humanely and with professionalism.


The Congress provided the President of the United States, in section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), with the authority to suspend the entry of any class of aliens the president deems detrimental to the national interest. This authority has been exercised by nearly every president since President Carter, and has been a component of immigration laws since the enactment of the INA in 1952.


For the next 90 days, nearly all travelers, except U.S. citizens, traveling on passports from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen will be temporarily suspended from entry to the United States. The 90 day period will allow for proper review and establishment of standards to prevent terrorist or criminal infiltration by foreign nationals.

Importantly, however, Lawful Permanent Residents of the United States traveling on a valid I-551 will be allowed to board U.S. bound aircraft and will be assessed for exceptions at arrival ports of entry, as appropriate. The entry of these individuals, subject to national security checks, is in the national interest. Therefore, we expect swift entry for these individuals.

In the first 30 days, DHS will perform a global country-by-country review of the information each country provides when their citizens apply for a U.S. visa or immigration benefit. Countries will then have 60 days to comply with any requests from the U.S. government to update or improve the quality of the information they provide.

DHS and the Department of State have the authority, on a case-by-case basis, to issue visas or allow the entry of nationals of these countries into the United States when it serves the national interest. These seven countries were designated by Congress and the Obama Administration as posing a significant enough security risk to warrant additional scrutiny in the visa waiver context.

The Refugee Admissions Program will be temporarily suspended for the next 120 days while DHS and interagency partners review screening procedures to ensure refugees admitted in the future do not pose a security risk to citizens of the United States.

The Executive Order does not prohibit entry of, or visa issuance to, travelers with diplomatic visas, North Atlantic Treaty Organization visas, C-2 visas for travel to the United Nations, and G-1, G-2, G-3, and G-4 visas.

The Department of Homeland Security along with the Department of State, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will develop uniform screening standards for all immigration programs government-wide.

Upon resumption of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, refugee admissions to the United States will not exceed 50,000 for fiscal year 2017.

The Secretary of Homeland Security will expedite the completion and implementation of a biometric entry-exit tracking system of all travelers into the United States.
Federal Government

As part of a broader set of government actions, the Secretary of State will review all nonimmigrant visa reciprocity agreements to ensure that they are, with respect to each visa classification, truly reciprocal.

The Department of State will restrict the Visa Interview Waiver Program and require additional nonimmigrant visa applicants to undergo an in-person interview.


The Department of Homeland Security, in order to be more transparent with the American people, and to more effectively implement policies and practices that serve the national interest will make information available to the public every 180 days. In coordination with the Department of Justice, DHS will provide information regarding the number of foreign nationals charged with terrorism-related offense or gender-based violence against women while in the United States.

Last Published Date: January 30, 2017

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The first countries to ban Islam:
See how the world is acting fast on the threat posed by Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law.

Japan has always refused Muslims to live permanently in their country and they cannot own any real estate or any type of business, and have banned any worship of Islam. Any Muslim tourist caught spreading the word of Islam will be deported immediately, including all family members.

Cuba rejects plans for first mosque.

The African nation of Angola and several other nations have officially banned Islam.

Record number of Muslims, (over 2,000, so far) deported from Norway as a way of fighting crime. Since these Muslim criminals have been deported, crime has dropped by a staggering 72%. Prison Officials are reporting that nearly half of their jail cells are now vacant, Courtrooms are nearly empty, Police are now free to attend to other matters, mainly traffic offenses to keep their roads and highways safe and assisting the public in as many ways as they can.

In Germany alone in the last year there were 81 violent attacks targeting mosques.

Austrian police arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.

A Chinese court sends 22 Muslim Imams to jail for 16 to 20 years for spreading Islam hatred and have executed eighteen jihadists; China campaigns against Separatism (disallowing Islamist to have their own separate state). Muslim prayers banned in government buildings and schools in Xinjiang (Western China). Hundreds of Muslim families prepared to leave China for their own safety and return back to their own Middle Eastern countries.

Muslim refugees beginning to realize that they are not welcome in Christian countries because of their violent ways and the continuing Wars in Syria and Iraq, whipped up by the hideous ISIS who are murdering young children and using mothers and daughters as sex slaves.

British Home Secretary prepares to introduce 'Anti-social Behavior Order' for extremists and strip dual nationals of their Citizenship. Deportation laws also being prepared.

The Czech Republic blatantly refuses Islam in their country, regarding it as evil.

Alabama - A new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of "foreign laws which would include Sharia law".

16 other States have all Introduced Legislation to Ban Sharia Law.

North Carolina bans Islamic "Sharia Law" in the State, regarding it now as a criminal offense.

The Polish Defense League issues a warning to Muslims.

Many Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced plans to leave the country to avoid anti-Islamic violence by Irish locals. The Announcement comes after an attack on groups of Muslims in the city of Belfast, Groups of Irish locals went berserk and bashed teenage Muslim gangs who were referring to young Irish girls as sluts and should be all gang raped, according to Islam and ''Sharia Law'. Even hospital staff were reluctant to treat the battered Muslim patients, the majority were given the Band-Aid treatment and sent home with staff muttering ''Good Riddance''.

Dutch MP's call for removal of all mosques in the Netherlands. One Member of the Dutch Parliament said: "We want to clean Netherlands of Islam".

Dutch MP Machiel De Graaf spoke on behalf of the Party for Freedom when he said, "All mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down. Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful safe country to live in, as it was before the arrival of Muslim refugees''.

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Lifting of Sanctions Could Be Costly To Russia

By Paul Craig Roberts

January 27, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - Tweets on social media say Trump is about to lift the sanctions placed on Russia by the Obama regime. Being a showman, Trump would want to make this announcement himself, not have it made for him by someone outside his administration. Nevertheless, the social media tweets are a good guess.
Reports are that Trump and Putin will speak tomorrow. The conversation cannot avoid the issue of sanctions.
Sure, I can make it to play golf but I'll need a handicap ... 
Trump during his first week has moved rapidly with his agenda. He is unlikely to delay lifting the sanctions. Moreover, there is no cost to Trump of lifting them. The sanctions have no support in the US and Western business communities. The only constitutuency for the sanctions were the neoconservatives who are not included in the Trump administration. Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice, Samantha Power are gone along with much of the State Department. So there is nothing in Trump’s way.

President Putin is correct that the sanctions helped Russia by pushing Russia to be more economically independent and by pushing Russia toward developing economic relationships with Asia. Lifting the sanctions could actualy hurt Russia by integrating Russia into the West. The Russian government should take note that the only sovereign country in the West is the United States. All the rest are US vassals. Could Russia escape the same fate? Anyone integrated into the West is subject to Washington’s pressure.
The problem with the sanctions is that they are an insult to Russia. The sanctions are based on lies that the Obama regime told. The real purpose of the sanctions was not economic. The purpose was to embarrass Russia as an outlaw state and to isolate the outlaw. Trump cannot normalize relations with Russia if he lets this insult stand.
Therefore, the social media tweets are likely to be correct that Trump is about to lift the sanctions. This will be good for US-Russian relations, but perhaps not so good for the Russian economy and Russian sovereignty. The Western capitalists would love to get Russia deep in debt and to buy up Russia’s industries and raw materials. The sanctions were a partial protection against foreign influence over the Russian economy, and so the removal of the sanctions is like removing a shield as well as removing an insult.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.


Iran says to ban U.S. visitors in retaliation to Trump move
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran said on Saturday it would stop U.S. citizens entering the country in retaliation to Washington's visa ban against Tehran and six other majority-Muslim countries announced by new U.S. President Donald Trump.

"While respecting the American people and distinguishing between them and the hostile policies of the U.S. government, Iran will implement the principle of reciprocity until the offensive U.S. limitations against Iranian nationals are lifted," a Foreign Ministry statement said.
"The restrictions against travel by Muslims to America... are an open affront against the Muslim world and the Iranian nation in particular and will be known as a great gift to extremists," said the statement, carried by state media.

The U.S. ban will make it virtually impossible for relatives and friends of an estimated one million Iranian-Americans to visit the United States

Earlier on Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said it was no time to build walls between nations and criticised steps towards cancelling world trade agreements, without naming Trump.


Trump on Wednesday ordered the construction of a U.S.-Mexican border wall, a major promise during his election campaign, as part of a package of measures to curb illegal immigration.

"Today is not the time to erect walls between nations. They have forgotten that the Berlin wall fell years ago," Rouhani said in a speech carried live on Iranian state television.

"To annul world trade accords does not help their economy and does not serve the development and blooming of the world economy," Rouhani told a tourism conference in Tehran. "This is the day for the world to get closer through trade."

The protectionist-minded Trump formally withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on Monday, fulfilling a campaign pledge to end American involvement in the 2015 pact.

Rouhani, a pragmatist elected in 2013, thawed Iran's relations with world powers after years of confrontation and engineered its 2015 deal with them under which it curbed its nuclear programme in exchange for relief from sanctions. 

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PUBLIC LAW 104–45—NOV. 8, 1995 

109 STAT. 398 PUBLIC LAW 104–45—NOV. 8, 1995

Nov. 8, 1995

[S. 1322]

Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.
Foreign relations.

To provide for the relocation of the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995’’.


The Congress makes the following findings:

(1) Each sovereign nation, under international law and

custom, may designate its own capital.
(2) Since 1950, the city of Jerusalem has been the capital

of the State of Israel.
(3) The city of Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s President, Parliament, and Supreme Court, and the site of numerous government ministries and social and cultural institutions.

(4) The city of Jerusalem is the spiritual center of Judaism, and is also considered a holy city by the members of other religious faiths.

(5) From 1948–1967, Jerusalem was a divided city and Israeli citizens of all faiths as well as Jewish citizens of all states were denied access to holy sites in the area controlled by Jordan.

(6) In 1967, the city of Jerusalem was reunited during the conflict known as the Six Day War.

(7) Since 1967, Jerusalem has been a united city adminis- tered by Israel, and persons of all religious faiths have been guaranteed full access to holy sites within the city.

(8) This year marks the 28th consecutive year that Jerusa- lem has been administered as a unified city in which the rights of all faiths have been respected and protected.

(9) In 1990, the Congress unanimously adopted Senate Concurrent Resolution 106, which declares that the Congress ‘‘strongly believes that Jerusalem must remain an undivided city in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected’’.

(10) In 1992, the United States Senate and House of Rep- resentatives unanimously adopted Senate Concurrent Resolu- tion 113 of the One Hundred Second Congress to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, and reaffirming congressional sentiment that Jerusalem must remain an undivided city.

(11) The September 13, 1993, Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements lays out a timetable for the resolution of ‘‘final status’’ issues, including Jerusalem.

(12) The Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area was signed May 4, 1994, beginning the five-year transi- tional period laid out in the Declaration of Principles.

(13) In March of 1995, 93 members of the United States Senate signed a letter to Secretary of State Warren Christopher encouraging ‘‘planning to begin now’’ for relocation of the United States Embassy to the city of Jerusalem.

(14) In June of 1993, 257 members of the United States House of Representatives signed a letter to the Secretary of State Warren Christopher stating that the relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem ‘‘should take place no later than . . . 1999’’.

(15) The United States maintains its embassy in the func- tioning capital of every country except in the case of our demo- cratic friend and strategic ally, the State of Israel.

(16) The United States conducts official meetings and other business in the city of Jerusalem in de facto recognition of its status as the capital of Israel.

(17) In 1996, the State of Israel will celebrate the 3,000th anniversary of the Jewish presence in Jerusalem since King David’s entry.



(1) Jerusalem should remain an undivided city in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected; (2) Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the

State of Israel; and
(3) the United States Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999.

(b) OPENING DETERMINATION.—Not more than 50 percent of the funds appropriated to the Department of State for fiscal year 1999 for ‘‘Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad’’ may be obligated until the Secretary of State determines and reports to Congress that the United States Embassy in Jerusalem has officially opened.


(a) FISCAL YEAR 1996.—Of the funds authorized to be appro- priated for ‘‘Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad’’ for the Department of State in fiscal year 1996, not less than $25,000,000 should be made available until expended only for construction and other costs associated with the establishment of the United States Embassy in Israel in the capital of Jerusalem.

(b) FISCAL YEAR 1997.—Of the funds authorized to be appro- priated for ‘‘Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad’’ for the Department of State in fiscal year 1997, not less than $75,000,000 should be made available until expended only for construction and other costs associated with the establishment of the United States Embassy in Israel in the capital of Jerusalem.


Not later than 30 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State shall submit a report to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign
Relations of the Senate detailing the Department of State’s plan to implement this Act. Such report shall include—

(1) estimated dates of completion for each phase of the establishment of the United States Embassy, including site identification, land acquisition, architectural, engineering and construction surveys, site preparation, and construction; and

(2) an estimate of the funding necessary to implement this Act, including all costs associated with establishing the United States Embassy in Israel in the capital of Jerusalem.


At the time of the submission of the President’s fiscal year 1997 budget request, and every six months thereafter, the Secre- tary of State shall report to the Speaker of the House of Representa- tives and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate on the progress made toward opening the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.


(a) WAIVER AUTHORITY.—(1) Beginning on October 1, 1998, the President may suspend the limitation set forth in section 3(b) for a period of six months if he determines and reports to Congress in advance that such suspension is necessary to protect the national security interests of the United States.

(2) The President may suspend such limitation for an additional six month period at the end of any period during which the suspen- sion is in effect under this subsection if the President determines and reports to Congress in advance of the additional suspension that the additional suspension is necessary to protect the national security interests of the United States.

(3) A report under paragraph (1) or (2) shall include—
(A) a statement of the interests affected by the limitation that the President seeks to suspend; and
(B) a discussion of the manner in which the limitation affects the interests.

(b) APPLICABILITY OF WAIVER TO AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS.— If the President exercises the authority set forth in subsection (a) in a fiscal year, the limitation set forth in section 3(b) shall apply to funds appropriated in the following fiscal year for the purpose set forth in such section 3(b) except to the extent that the limitation is suspended in such following fiscal year by reason of the exercise of the authority in subsection (a).


As used in this Act, the term ‘‘United States Embassy’’ means the offices of the United States diplomatic mission and the residence of the United States chief of mission.

[Note by the Office of the Federal Register: The foregoing Act, having been pre- sented to the President of the United States on Thursday, October 26, 1995, and not having been returned by him to the House of Congress in which it originated within the time prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, has become law without his signature on November 8, 1995.]


CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 141 (1995): Oct. 23, 24, considered and passed Senate. Oct. 24, considered and passed House.

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Déjà vu, (Listeni/ˌdʒɑː ˈv/French pronunciation: ​[de.ʒa.vy]) from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. Déjà vu is a feeling of familiarity, and déjà vécu (the feeling of having "already lived through" something) is a feeling of recollection.


The then-LCDR John Sidney McCain, III USS Forrestal deadly flight deck fire story --- is not just a story. It really did happen as a matter of spite by McCain. A good friend of mine was in the Air Wing at the time and stated the sorry-ass story exactly as it did happen.

When McCain was my flight student in formation and gunnery, NAS Whiting Field, FL; I recommended him for a "Drop from the Program" for poor attitude, poor air work and dangerous demonstrated flights. I grounded the Ensign and took away his base sticker, confined him to the BOQ except on flight days and required him to call me twice a day at home when we were not flying. I also sent him back to Ground School since he had a difficult time remembering basic flight rules and procedures. He graduated third from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. His Pre-Flight Ground School record was a big mess.

At NAS Whiting Field, he got completely drunk one rainy Sunday afternoon and ended up on the Santa Rosa Highway on his way back to Whiting. A USMC Captain Flight Instructor saw this clown weaving all over the road and managed to get McCain to stop, McCain rolled down his window and punched the Marine Officer in the face and tried to back over him in the rain. McCain got caught by the local County Sheriff and landed in the local jail. That is when I first got into the scene with McCain since I was the Duty Officer. We got McCain out of jail and the next day he was assigned to me as a student. Since I was also a UCMJ Courts Martial Trial Officer, I was to be assigned to prosecute the McCain case. My Big Boss ordered me to drop all charges and stick with McCain for the many weeks to come. I attempted to argue the case. No way. This was the first of many four star ADM Daddy saves for McCain that I was then aware of at the time. Hang in there, More to come.

McCain's flying ability was way below average. I went to my Boss topside, again, and attempted to get McCain out of the Flight Program. No deal. My Boss instructed me get this student pilot through the program and gone! Just get it done! Other flight students did not want to fly with McCain so we had to carefully "select" certain students to be in the same flight as McCain.

McCain went on to Advanced Training and manged to crash an A1H Spad due to suspected flying-while-drunk. His Daddy saved him again. In the WestPac RAG, a friend of mine attempted to get McCain out of the program. Another Daddy save.
A good friend of mine was the CAG in which McCain was still a Spad driver. My good friend, CAG, called me and said he was going to recommend a General Courts Martial against McCain for huge flight violations and dangerous flights. That did not happen. Another Daddy save.

A friend in Durango, Co was DepCAG shortly before McCain got bagged. His job was to accompany McCain ashore in WestPac and keep McCain's name out of the papers due to McCain's heavy drinking and smashing O'Club furniture and fighting anyone in view. The ADM instructed my friend to keep McCain "under control" and should he fail to do so, my friend would be relieved as DepCAG and sent packing.

Then after the USS Forrestal fire, another friend of mine transferred McCain to another Squadron. Then, McCain violated attack doctrine and got himself shot down.
Another good buddy was DepCAG when McCain got bagged. He went down to McCain's Squadron's Ready Room to deliver the news and quote: "The JOs in the back of the Ready Room stood up and cheered!"

When McCain was a POW, he recovered from his wounds and helped the propaganda war of words by announcing over the PA system, that he regretted his role in the war. This is stated in his book. At least he admitted to doing this. The other returning former POW's. 12 were good friends, were ordered not to repeat this story under any circumstances. During McCain's POW status, his Father did not attempt to get his son freed under a propaganda trade off with the North Viets.

When McCain's brother, Joe McCain, was arrested in San Francisco (SFO) for fiercely demonstrating against the Vietnam War; the Desk Sergeant on duty called me at home. Joe, somehow, got my home number. We made a deal. Cut Joe loose, take him to the airport and get him out of SFO. Done deal. Next, in DCA, I had Joe meet with then-Senator Teddy Kennedy. Privately. Kennedy was cruel. He told Joe McCain quote: "This is your war. Not mine. Your brother is just like any other POW. Goodbye." I thought Joe was going to slug Kennedy then and there!

And that is my personal background on McCain. One more thing. When a very great Navy pilot friend of mine was recommended for the Medal of Honor for his dangerous and life saving attack flights in Vietnam, McCain refused to sponsor the award.

When McCain was running for President in his first primary against Bush, a reporter from the NY Times called me and asked about McCain et al. Short call and a hang up. Then, when McCain was running with Sarah Palen, another call from a LA Times political reporter. Same result. Short call and a hang up.

So, when folks ask me if I knew McCain when I was on ACDUTRA, I never get into a conversation about McCain. After all, personal histories are sometimes not quite as accurate as we all might want. But then again, sometimes the memories remain very intact in spite of the years ago. It was what it was. And so it goes.

Best regards, Go Big! or Go Home! Go Navy!

CDR Jerry K. Loeb, USN (Ret.)

Callsign: "Sandman"

Who knew a wet start could cause so much trouble?....I guess when the excess fuel ignites flames shoot out the back of the Aircraft.

Subject:Fw: Navy Releases McCain's Records (Arizona Wake-up !!)

Navy Releases McCain’s Records

USS Forrestal, July 29, 1967 - The worst accident aboard a US Navy surface vessel since WWII

The Navy released John McCain’s military record after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press. The record is packed with information on McCain’s medals and commendations but little else. 

The one thing that the McCain campaign does not want to see released is the record of McCain’s antics on board the USS Forestal in 1967. 

McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy.
That catastrophe, with 27 dead and over 100 wounded trumps McCain’s record as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

WMR has learned additional details regarding the deadly fire aboard the Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal, on July 19, 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin.
The additional details point to then-Lt. Commander John McCain playing more of a role in triggering the fire and explosions than previously reported.

On January 16, 2006, WMR reported that according to a US Navy sailor who was aboard the Forrestal on the fateful day of the fire, “McCain and the Forrestal’s skipper, Capt. John K. Beling, were warned about the danger of using M-65 1000-lb. bombs manufactured in 1935, which were deemed too dangerous to use during World War II and, later, on B-52 bombers. 

The fire from the Zuni missile misfire resulted in the heavy 1000 pound bombs being knocked loose from the pylons of McCain’s A-4 aircraft, which were only designed to hold 500-pound bombs.”

WMR further reported, “The unstable bombs had a 60-second cook-off threshold in a fire situation and this warning was known to both Beling and McCain prior to the disaster.” 

WMR also cited the potential that McCain’s Navy records were used against him by the neo-cons in control of the Pentagon, “The neo-cons, who have had five years to examine every file within the Department of Defense, have likely accessed documents that could prove embarrassing to McCain, who was on board the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967, and whose A-4 Skyhawk was struck by an air-to-ground Zuni missile that had misfired from an F-4 Phantom.”

WMR has been informed that crewmen aboard the Forrestal have provided additional information about the Forrestal incident. It is believed by many crewmen and those who have investigated the case that McCain deliberately “wet-started” his A-4E to shake up the guy in the plane behind his A-4.
“Wet-starts”, done either deliberately or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft.

In McCain’s case, the “wet-start” apparently “cooked off” and launched the Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in the conflagration. 

“Wet starting” was apparently a common practice among young “hot-dog” pilots.

McCain was quickly transferred to the USS Oriskany (the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred). 

Three months later, McCain was shot down over North Vietnam on October 26, 1967.

As WMR previously reported, at the time of the Forrestal disaster, McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, Jr., was Commander-in-Chief of US Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR) and was busy covering up the details of the deadly and pre-meditated June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the NSA spy ship, the USS Liberty.

The fact that both McCains were involved in two incidents just weeks apart that resulted in a total death count of 168 on the Forrestal and the Liberty, with an additional injury count of 234 on both ships (with a number of them later dying from their wounds) with an accompanying classified paper trail inside the Pentagon, may be all that was needed to hold a Sword of Damocles over the head of the “family honor”-oriented McCain by the neo-cons.

WMR has also been informed by knowledgeable sources, including an ex-Navy A-4 pilot, the “wet-start game” was a common occurrence. 

However, it is between “very unlikely” and “impossible” for the Forrestal “wet start” to have been accidental. 

“Wet starts” were later rendered impossible by automated engine controls.

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I’m passing on this article received from a friend who works in the Building.  It is amazing to me that a ceremony this powerful has not made the news. Judge for yourself how well we are served these days by our “free press” – the fourth estate has been acquired it appears.

Another thing the media does not report to the people..... too sad that these kinds of stories are never covered by the current media..... God bless America and our Armed Forces.... serving and those who have served... 

It really breaks your heart to know that we didn't know this goes on every Friday, well at least I didn't know. Instead, I guess the media feels it's more important to report on Hollywood stars as heroes. I hope this article gives you a sense of pride for what our men and women are doing for us, every day, as they serve in the armed forces here and abroad.
Mornings at the Pentagon 
McClatchy Newspapers
 Over the last 12 months, 1,042 soldiers, Marines, sailors and Air Force personnel have given their lives in the terrible duty that is war. Thousands more have come home on stretchers, horribly wounded and facing months or years in military hospitals. This week, I'm turning my space over to a good friend and former roommate, Army Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, who recently completed a yearlong tour of duty and is now back at the Pentagon. Here's Lt. Col. Bateman's account of a little-known ceremony that fills the halls of the Army corridor of the Pentagon with cheers, applause and many tears every Friday morning. It first appeared on May 17 on the Weblog of media critic and pundit Eric Altermanat the Media Matters for America Website.

"It is 110 yards from the "E" ring to the "A" ring of the Pentagon. This section of the Pentagon is newly renovated; the floors shine, the hallway is broad, and the lighting is bright. At this instant the entire length of the corridor is packed with officers, a few sergeants and some civilians, all crammed tightly three and four deep against the walls. There are thousands here.
 This hallway, more than any other, is the `Army' hallway. The G3 offices line one side, G2 the other, G8 is around the corner. All Army. Moderate conversations flow in a low buzz. Friends who may not have seen each other for a few weeks, or a few years, spot each other, cross the way and renew.
 Everyone shifts to ensure an open path remains down the center. The air conditioning system was not designed for this press of bodies in this area.

The temperature is rising already. Nobody cares. "10:36 hours: The clapping starts at the E-Ring. That is the outermost of the five rings of the Pentagon and it is closest to the entrance to the building. This clapping is low, sustained, hearty. It is applause with a deep emotion behind it as it moves forward in a wave down the length of the hallway.

A steady rolling wave of sound it is, moving at the pace of the soldier in the wheelchair who marks the forward edge with his presence. He is the first. He is missing the greater part of one leg, and some of his wounds are still suppurating. By his age I expect that he is a private, or perhaps a private first class.

Captains, majors, lieutenant colonels and colonels meet his gaze and nod as they applaud, soldier to soldier. Three years ago when I described one of these events, those lining the hallways were somewhat different. The applause a little wilder, perhaps in private guilt for not having shared in the burden ... Yet.

Now almost everyone lining the hallway is, like the man in the wheelchair, also a combat veteran. This steadies the applause, but I think deepens the sentiment. We have all been there now. The soldier's chair is pushed by, I believe, a full colonel.

"Behind him, and stretching the length from Rings E to A, come more of his peers, each private, corporal, or sergeant assisted as need be by a field grade officer. 

 "11:00 hours: Twenty-four minutes of steady applause. My hands hurt, and I laugh to myself at how stupid that sounds in my own head. My hands hurt. Please! Shut up and clap. For twenty-four minutes, soldier after soldier has come down this hallway - 20, 25, 30.. Fifty-three legs come with them, and perhaps only 52 hands or arms, but down this hall came 30 solid hearts.

 "They pass down this corridor of officers and applause, and then meet for a private lunch, at which they are the guests of honor, hosted by the generals. Some are wheeled along. Some insist upon getting out of their chairs, to march as best they can with their chin held up, down this hallway, through this most unique audience. Some are catching handshakes and smiling like a politician at a Fourth of July parade. More than a couple of them seem amazed and are smiling shyly.

 "There are families with them as well: the 18-year-old war-bride pushing her 19-year-old husband's wheelchair and not quite understanding why her husband is so affected by this, the boy she grew up with, now a man, who had never shed a tear is crying; the older immigrant Latino parents who have, perhaps more than their wounded mid-20s son, an appreciation for the emotion given on their son's behalf. No man in that hallway, walking or clapping, is ashamed by the silent tears on more than a few cheeks. An Airborne Ranger wipes his eyes only to better see. A couple of the officers in this crowd have themselves been a part of this parade in the past.

"These are our men, broken in body they may be, but they are our brothers, and we welcome them home. This parade has gone on, every single Friday, all year long, for more than four years.


Allen West Just Wiped the Floor With Race Pimp, Rep. John Lewis… This Is Brutal!

As y’all know, I was born and raised in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. And I just gotta say, it felt really good for our hometown Atlanta Falcons to beat the Seattle Seahawks this past Saturday. The Falcons came to Atlanta in 1966 when I was five years old, so I grew up with them, and we’ve had our share of heartbreaks.

But, Atlanta is a great sports town and we’re proud of our teams, win or lose…but we certainly prefer winning. The real bummer is, I’ve never been to a game in the Georgia Dome. Oh well, my memories were at the old Atlanta-Fulton County stadium.
However, today represents a very special day, full of memories. As you know, it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national day. As a little boy I remember walking past his birthplace, his church, and his final resting place.

You see, it was Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, my neighborhood, that gave America — indeed the world — Dr. King, a great champion for individual rights, liberty, and freedom.

I also have memories of my parents supporting and voting for one Rep. John Lewis. I grew up in complete reverence for the man who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was my congressional representative. In those days we really did have iconic black men, who along with our dads, served as role models…and notice I did say dads.

But, during the 2010 congressional campaign, it was rather astonishing, and I was slightly incredulous that this same man, who was my congressional representative growing up, came to Florida to campaign against me.

Interestingly enough, Rep. Lewis had no idea of my background, he was just being a Democrat, and as an esteemed “civil rights icon” who better to assail a young black conservative running for congressional office?

Well lo and behold, we won that race in 2010 and I joined the Congressional Black Caucus — we can talk about that one day.

So, after all those years I was finally able to meet the man who represented my family in Atlanta, who had spoken out against me. I greeted Rep. Lewis and told him the honor of finally meeting him. I told him I’d grown up in the congressional district he represents and attended Grady High School. He was amazed, as he had no idea of my background.

That brings me to now, where we have the seventy-six-year-old congressional representative claiming that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is illegitimate.

It appears to me that Rep. Lewis, as he did last week at the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions, is doing the bidding of the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party, and little else.

When people talk of John Lewis they speak of a civil rights icon and a historic leader, as I did here, but today, what does that really mean? And how is John Lewis confronting the pressing and prevailing issues in the black community today with the voice and platform that he commands?

That brings me to now, where we have the seventy-six-year-old congressional representative claiming that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is illegitimate. It appears to me that Rep. Lewis, as he did last week at the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions, is doing the bidding of the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party, and little else.

When people talk of John Lewis they speak of a civil rights icon and a historic leader, as I did here, but today, what does that really mean?

And how is John Lewis confronting the pressing and prevailing issues in the black community today with the voice and platform that he commands?

In other words, what are the real “civil rights” issues for the black community?

Let’s be honest, showing a picture ID is not some “dog whistle” for the repealing of voting rights, although that’s the fear-mongering message the liberal progressive left promulgates for electoral advantage. And truthfully, shame on Representatives John Lewis, Cedric Richmond, and Senator Cory Booker for their abjectly disrespectful and ill-conceived partisan political attack of Senator Sessions in his confirmation hearing.

On this day when we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., let us reaffirm our commitment to the real civil rights issues of this day.

First of all, the black family must be restored, and the numbers tell a very disturbing story. Since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society debacle expanded the welfare nanny-state and rewarded out of wedlock births with government largess, we’ve seen the traditional two-parent black family be decimated.

And Rep. John Lewis can certainly testify that the black family was a fundamental strength in the struggle for equal rights in the black community.

I would offer that he and Senator Booker stand up for reinvigorating strong black men — and when was the last time either of them spoke out about the denigrating and demeaning language of rap music towards our black women?

This is a critical piece in the new civil rights era, but how often have you heard Rep. Lewis, or any Congressional Black Caucus member, to include Barack Obama, address this issue?

Not very often. Silence rules the day, and that’s very disconcerting because apparently the Democrat Party line is more important.

Secondly, my mom and dad made a critical decision for me, and that was to send me to a small black Catholic school located across the street from Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Rep. Lewis’ congressional district…Our Lady of Lourdes.

In ther words my parents made a choice for my education and they realized education is the great equalizer and that it would set the conditions for my success. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School no longer exists. When have we heard Rep. Lewis or Rep. Cedric Richmond lead a rally for the great civil rights issue of today: parental choice for education?

As a matter of fact, Rep. Richmond is from Louisiana, in the New Orleans area, I don’t recall him testifying about Barack Obama ending the DC school voucher program in Washington DC, while Obama’s kids went to the prestigious Sidwell Friends.

Rep. Richmond said nothing when Attorney General Eric Holder brought a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana’s school voucher program. I just have to wonder, if I’d been born much later, say ten years ago, would my parents have been able to make the same choice for me…heck, would I even have two parents in the home?

Third, I remember as a kid walking down Auburn Avenue to the historic Butler Street YMCA. It was there that I learned to play basketball, swim, and box. It was there that two people every Saturday morning would conduct Bible study, it was the Young Men’s Christian Association after all.

But, walking down Auburn Avenue I saw black owned businesses and professional offices — doctors, dentists, lawyers. “Sweet Auburn” was a cradle of black entrepreneurship — but no longer. And the issue of black small business growth and entrepreneurship is quite telling of the failure, the lack of opportunity, the dismal economic outlook that plagues inner city black communities all across our nation.

I know, Rep. Lewis embraces the $15 minimum “living” wage concept.

However, my memory is of being a young black teenager who was proud to get that first minimum wage job at Baskin Robbins in Ainsley Mall at $3.25 an hour.

It was about teaching me responsibility and financial management…but it was not going to be my career. And even when I got that dream part-time job, while still in high school, at Sears and Roebuck’s catalog distribution and retail store on Ponce de Leon, my sights were on college and an Army commission.

Look at black teenage unemployment today, and where is Rep. Lewis, Rep. Richmond, or Senator Booker and their testimony on that issue?

Nah, touting and doing to bidding of their white liberal masters is far more important than addressing the issues of black economic empowerment, as opposed to enslavement…and the policies to rectify this, another important civil right issue of today.

Lastly, but certainly not of least value is what has to be seen as the most important civil right issue of today, the Second Amendment. Our inner cities have become war zones — shake your head in disagreement if you may — but tell me what you call Chicago.

We have blacks being held hostage to drug gangs and other criminal elements and they are precluded from defending themselves. Funny, there are mayors all over America who will provide protection — “sanctuary” — to criminal illegal aliens while law abiding citizens are the real victims who fear for their children as there is no possible aspect of safety.

My memories were of playing basketball into the late hours at the outdoor Bedford-Pine courts and walking home. No fear of being shot. Were there “potheads?”

Sure, but they did not own our neighborhood. We listened to “soul music,” not overt references to misogyny and violence. My folks had a pump action shotgun and a .38 special revolver..that one was Mom’s. Yet in most of these crime ridden inner city neighborhoods, the individual right to own a gun and personal protection is restricted.

My recollection of the Declaration of Independence, says the first inalienable right of the individual endowed by God is life. Sadly, folks like Lewis, Booker, and Richmond are less concerned with the single mother who lives in fear for her children — they’re just mouthpieces for the Democrat Party.

So, here we are on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I would assert his dream is far from being attained. And having a black president had nothing to do with it, because Dr. King was focused on character, not the color of one’s skin.

And if character is important, I would offer that John Lewis, Cory Booker, and Cedric Richmond stop being “tools” of the progressive socialist left and address these critical civil rights issues. The longer they refuse to do so, the more they prove their hypocrisy and irrelevance. President-Elect Donald J. Trump is our legitimate president.

John Lewis said he will not attend the inauguration. He should reconsider because failing to do so will further exacerbate the strained atmosphere of race relations in America. As well, it will only serve to damage his legacy…

Monday, January 16, 2017


“Winning is a habit.
Watch your thoughts, they become your ... beliefs. 
Watch your beliefs, they become your 
... words. 
Watch your words, they become your 
... actions. 
Watch your actions, they become your 
... habits. 
Watch your habits, they become your 
... character."
                                                             ... Vince Lombardi

Thursday, January 12, 2017


HAARP History

The patents described below were the package of ideas which were originally controlled by ARCO Power Technologies Incorporated (APTI), a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Company, one of the biggest oil companies in the world. APTI was the contractor that built the HAARP facility. ARCO sold this subsidiary, the patents and the second phase construction contract to E-Systems in June 1994. 

E-Systems is one of the biggest intelligence contractors in the world -- doing work for the CIA, defense intelligence organizations and others. $1.8 billion of their annual sales are to these organizations, with $800 million for black projects -- projects so secret that even the United States Congress isn't told how the money is being spent.

E-Systems was bought out by Raytheon, which is one of the largest defense contractors in the world. In 1994 Raytheon was listed as number forty-two on the Fortune 500 list of companies. Raytheon has thousands of patents, some of which will be valuable in the HAARP project. The twelve patents below are the backbone of the HAARP project, and are now buried among the thousands of others held in the name of Raytheon. Bernard J. Eastlund's U.S. Patent # 4,686,605, "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere; and/or Magnetosphere," was sealed for a year under a government Secrecy Order. 
  • The Eastlund ionospheric heater was different; the radio frequency (RF) radiation was concentrated and focused to a point in the ionosphere. This difference throws an unprecedented amount of energy into the ionosphere. The Eastlund device would allow a concentration of one watt per cubic centimeter, compared to others only able to deliver about one millionth of one watt. 

This huge difference could lift and change the ionosphere in the ways necessary to create futuristic effects described in the patent. According to the patent, the work of Nikola Tesla in the early 1900's formed the basis of the research. 
What would this technology be worth to ARCO, the owner of the patents? They could make enormous profits by beaming electrical power from a powerhouse in the gas fields to the consumer without wires. 

For a time, HAARP researchers could not prove that this was one of the intended uses for HAARP. In April, 1995, however, Begich found other patents, connected with a "key personnel" list for APTI. Some of these new APTI patents were indeed a wireless system for sending electrical power. Eastlund's patent said the technology can confuse or completely disrupt airplanes' and missiles' sophisticated guidance systems. Further, this ability to spray large areas of Earth with electromagnetic waves of varying frequencies, and to control changes in those waves, makes it possible to knock out communications on land or sea as well as in the air.
The patent said:
"Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth's atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art, particularly by detonation of nuclear devices of various yields at various altitudes... " 
" is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world's communications are disrupted. Put another way, what is used to disrupt another's communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communication network at the same time." 
"... large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction." 
"Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device.

... molecular modifications of the atmosphere can take place so that positive environmental effects can be achieved. Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example, ozone, nitrogen, etc., concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased."

Begich found eleven other APTI Patents. They told how to make "Nuclear-sized Explosions without Radiation," Power-beaming systems, over-the-horizon radar, detection systems for missiles carrying nuclear warheads, electromagnetic pulses previously produced by thermonuclear weapons and other Star-Wars tricks. This cluster of patents underlay the HAARP weapon system.
Related research by Begich and Manning uncovered bizarre schemes. For example, Air Force documents revealed that a system had been developed for manipulating and disturbing human mental processes through pulsed radio-frequency radiation (the stuff of HAARP) over large geographical areas. The most telling material about this technology came from writings of Zbigniew Brzezinski (former National Security Advisory to U.S. President Carter) and J.F. MacDonald (science advisor to U.S. 
President Johnson and a professor of Geophysics at UCLA), as they wrote about use of power-beaming transmitters for geophysical and environmental warfare. The documents showed how these effects might be caused, and the negative effects on human heath and thinking. 
The mental-disruption possibilities for HAARP are the most disturbing. More than 40 pages of the book, with dozens of footnotes, chronicle the work of Harvard professors, military planners and scientists as they plan and test this use of the electromagnetic technology. For example, one of the papers describing this use was from the International Red Cross in Geneva. It even gave the frequency ranges where these effects could occur -- the same ranges which HAARP is capable of broadcasting. 

The following statement was made more than twenty-five years ago in a book by Brzezinski which he wrote while a professor at Columbia University: 
"Political strategists are tempted to exploit research on the brain and human behavior. Geophysicist Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a specialist in problems of warfare, says accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth ... in this way one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period"
" ... no matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages, to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades." 
In 1966, MacDonald was a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee and later a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality. He published papers on the use of environmental control technologies for military purposes. The most profound comment he made as a geophysicist was, "the key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy." While yesterday's geophysicists predicted today's advances, are HAARP program managers delivering on the vision? 

The geophysicists recognized that adding energy to the environmental soup could have large effects. However, humankind has already added substantial amounts of electromagnetic energy into our environment without understanding what might constitute critical mass. The book by Begich and Manning raises questions:
  • Have these additions been without effect, or is there a cumulative amount beyond which irreparable damage can be done? 
  • Is HAARP another step in a journey from which we cannot turn back? 
  • Are we about to embark on another energy experiment which unleashes another set of demons from Pandora's box? 
As early as 1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted a "more controlled and directed society" would gradually appear, linked to technology. This society would be dominated by an elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific know-how. Angels Don't Play This HAARP further quotes Brzezinski:
"Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits," Brzezinski predicted. 
His forecasts proved accurate. Today, a number of new tools for the "elite" are emerging, and the temptation to use them increases steadily. The policies to permit the tools to be used are already in place. How could the United States be changed, bit by bit, into the predicted highly-controlled technosociety? Among the "steppingstones" Brzezinski expected were persisting social crises and use of the mass media to gain the public's confidence. 

In another document prepared by the government, the U.S. Air Force claims: "The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations... Some of these potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches of security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare. 

In all of these cases the EM (electromagnetic) systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. In addition, the ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat ineffective. Another advantage of electromagnetic systems is that they can provide coverage over large areas with a single system. They are silent and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop... One last area where electromagnetic radiation may prove of some value is in enhancing abilities of individuals for anomalous phenomena." 

Do these comments point to uses already somewhat developed? The author of the government report refers to an earlier Air Force document about the uses of radio frequency radiation in combat situations. (Here Begich and Manning note that HAARP is the most versatile and the largest radio-frequency-radiation transmitter in the world.)
The United States Congressional record deals with the use of HAARP for penetrating the earth with signals bounced off of the ionosphere. These signals are used to look inside the planet to a depth of many kilometers in order to locate underground munitions, minerals and tunnels. The U.S. Senate set aside $15 million dollars in 1996 to develop this ability alone -- earth-penetrating-tomography. The problem is that the frequency needed for earth-penetrating radiation is within the frequency range most cited for disruption of human mental functions. It may also have profound effects on migration patterns of fish and wild animals which rely on an undisturbed energy field to find their routes. 

As if electromagnetic pulses in the sky and mental disruption were not enough, T. Eastlund bragged that the super-powerful ionospheric heater could control weather.

Begich and Manning brought to light government documents indicating that the military has weather-control technology. When HAARP is eventually built to its full power level, it could create weather effects over entire hemispheres. If one government experiments with the world's weather patterns, what is done in one place will impact everyone else on the planet. Angels Don't Play This HAARP explains a principle behind some of Nikola Tesla's inventions -- resonance -- which affect planetary systems.