Thursday, March 16, 2017


Dave Dane 
Never leave a dyke to do a man's job.
Mayson Vanegas 
Too fucking perfect hahaha .
Clayton Kemp 
On the left,dykes are the men!
PJ Butler 
Now, will someone get Al Sharptons tax return
T Lind 
Also where is the reverend Al and Jesse's churches located at ?
RayValdezPhotography Obama did everything wrong in the world .I would list them but I'm tired of proving how awful his worthless as was and still is.
GORE 7860 
Rachel Maddow that man needs to be taken of air....
YoYO Semite 
"she" needs something, like a good dose of the truth
GORE 7860 speaking if air.shes a waste of oxygen, put her down
Fighting Words 
What is it with the fast blinking of the eyes when she gets excited. Ass Hat.
Craig TheSchmeg 
Mr Madcow sounds like it's going into puberty. It's voice is getting sexy deep.
Josh H 
The fast blinking is because she is full of shit, lying out her ass all the time.
Henrietta Chuong 
you are violating his privacy laws by exposing his tax return. Why don't you reciprocate by showing everyone YOUR income tax returns for last year? lousy looser.
Hate him or not. They bought Trump ruse and fell for his trap. You fail to read between the line of your very own statement: They all fell for it. 1. Trump got their attention with the taxes. 2. They attack him. 3. Turns out it was a ruse. 4. Trump leaves them laughing all the way in the bank. Even if I was a leftist I will never aligned with idiots like Rachel Madcow that fell for one of the oldest trick in the book.
All the presidents since Nixon have shown their tax returns... Trump isn't better than them.
I just noticed, she has the biggest Adam's apple I've ever seen.
YoYO Semite 
That's "her" swallowing....her gay pride
cazinger she also has an apple in her pants to .hung well tranny
That black dude pisses me off he doesnt have to show you his taxes that is none of your business cuck
Quohavoc up oh yes and how about nerd boy Sheppard smith .no one on fax is as flagrantly liberal fag as much as that ignorant douche bag
Crushonius he just hasn't had a good oh white man blanket party in awhile .
Sarabella Gignac 
Lucky was the day I found Alex Jones > there's a reason Preident Trump choice > to go on ... Btw His audience is larger then your by 10 times or more
Alex Jones is a fat drunken clown who rips off the gullible and weak-minded.
Mayson Vanegas 
Hahahah what is wrong with you calm your fat ass down , seriously Alex Jones does not need you spamming his show in youtube comments ya whore
DW Jamieson 
2005? its 2017
Chalky Von Kekian 
Unfortunately Madcow didn't do anything illegal unless it can be proven that he/she stole the papers herself.
Trump Train 
She needs to be thrown into Gitmo, along with her subhuman fans.
Jacob Nunya 
kogy Hey dumb Arab did you ever man up and stop your pussy ass dad from beating the shit out of your mother? Of course not.
kogy you need to jump on board butch because you are being left behind to eat obamas, shit otherwise
I get so mad because they are disrespectful by not calling our president "President Trump" .
I'm guessing that you're just mad.
Boogiewoogie he just said that
The Russians directed by Vladimir Putin are obviously behind Maddow committing career suicide live on air ... let's start the congressional investigation .
Don't you mean the Russians, directed by the Trump administration?
Surendra Gupta 
Rachel, you just shut up, because you are retarded and mentally sick woman.
Hard to believe she doesn't realize what a fool she appears to be.
Bigg Redd 
Di Petro's SRT-8 
Mad Rachel looks like a 13 yr. old boy lol, sick in the head. All the fags dikes and freaks had a silver bullet shot through their pathetic sick minds. They are actually the guilty parties in every way and have brought this once great nation to the brink of disaster through (OBAMA FOR PRISON NOW).
Di Petro's SRT-8 
I petition our great president Trump to sent Obama to his favorite country club, Guantanamo bay prison lol, for a very long time or life for all his crimes against the United States of America and needs to pay. (OBAMA FOR PRISON NOW)
David Morrow 
Mr. Gutfeld you will be known as one of the greatest wordsmiths of the 21st century, the twenty-first century Mark Twain!!!
David Morrow 
Hilarious, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!
Victor Rosa 
Man Guttfeld, you Beep-Beep analogy is as genius as Trump's play.
Bec SocSci 
Hahahahahaha Rachel Madcow is so fuelled by her vendetta for Trump.
YoYO Semite 
And self proclaimed flustered, responds to emotion, not fact