Thursday, March 30, 2017


Trump’s Big Boo-boo!

Trump Fails to Repeal and Replace!

Stabbed in the Back by Incompetent GOP Leadership.

This past week highlighted the incongruity between Trump’s vociferous pronouncements and his inability to obtain a strategic objective. In particular, I am referring to Paul Ryan’s inability to muster a legislative majority to once and for all defeat Obamacare.

No surprise there!

Since 1999, when Ryan was elected to congress, he has accomplished nothing at all. He is not alone. For the most part, the misnamed “Freedom Caucus” is replete with verbiage and negativity. These boobs achieved their zenith of nihilism by condemning Obamacare. Yet, they were unable to make any meaningful suggestions for replacement.

The Republican Party in both the Senate and the House is replete with lazy naysayers who have done nothing for the past seven years except go on tax-sponsored boondoggles. This last Republican legislative fiasco demonstrated the underlying thesis that I have postulated for over thirty years [since treating both Senators and Congressmen], they really do nothing on the Hill except preen themselves for TV/Town Hall Showtime.

There are only a few real workhorses. None of the members of the nonsensical “Freedom Caucus” are accomplished legislators. Now, Paul Ryan must bear the responsibility for his failure to muster a majority. I will continue to decry the laziness and stupidity of these Republican Congressmen. However, the major brunt of the blame has to go to Donald Trump and his deconstructive team.

Where was His Excellency Gary Cohn, former President of Goldman Sachs and the Chief Economic Advisor and Director of the National Economic Council? 

My suspicion is that very early on in the administration, Cohn perceived that Reince Priebus and his Wisconsin cohort Paul Ryan could never develop an effective strategy to overcome the “Freedom Caucus’s” complete ignorant obstinacy.

I would say the same thing about Jared Kushner, who backed away from the health bill once he realized that the crucial issue for his father-in-law was the economy and not health. The initiative to start the Trump administration with the repeal of the Obamacare bill was both inept and quite ignorant. Trump was and will always continue to be a creature of numbers and not policy.

Whoever decided that the Trump administration should start off with Repeal/Replace and not the economy was completely bereft of strategic capability or tactical foresight. Stephen Bannon’s implementation of a political narrative that begins with ‘administrative deconstruction’ must have his pedantic verbiage redirected to more simpler statements. “It’s the economy, stupid!” From the very beginning of Trump’s administration, I have warned that there is no critical strategy/tactic for the reorganization of the federal bureaucracy overlaying both the civilian and military/intelligence components. Simply eliminating previous legislation and departments without a clear alternative is not going to work.

It would behoove this administration to bring in those individuals who have been in both the business of reorganizing large entities as well as understanding Washington politics. Trump has demonstrated he is a “fast learner” so he needs to course correct immediately.

Allow me to close with a historic saying [phrased by me in one of my novels]:

“A frantic man is one who consciously over-compensates for a secret self-doubt.”