Wednesday, June 7, 2017


This Guy Did The EXACT Same Thing Kathy Griffin Did, And Look How Liberals Reacted

A Twitter user thought he’d be cheeky by doing the same thing that Kathy Griffin did to President Trump. But in the end, he proved that Twitter and other liberals are complete hypocrites.

Twitter suspended Bryan Mitchell’s account. He posed with a fake severed head that looked like the liberal Trump hater Kathy Griffin and his Twitter accounts were shut down.
Now why was Griffin’s vile image of her holding a fake severed President Trump head allowed to be plastered all over Twitter and not Mr. Mitchell’s?

Is Twitter taking a leftist stance? Griffin was portraying The President of the United States being decapitated. You would think that Twitter would have the opposite affect and shut down an account that threatens the life of our president.

But then again, this is not that surprising coming from the very liberal social media site.